Partner FAQs

Get Started

  • In 5 easy steps!

    1. Tell us what you need (type of service, position, shifting schedule, etc.) via:
      • filling out the inquiry form in our website
      • via direct email
      • calling us
    1. We’ll submit a service proposal based on your needs. We may need to clarify and discuss a few points with you to firm up our proposal. Sharing of company information and references are part of our due diligence.
    2. Upon accepting our service proposal, we will then finalize and enter into a service agreement.
    3. There will be an on-boarding session with our Project Management Team.
    4. Start of service
  • If all requirement details are complete, we can come up with a service proposal within 1-2 weeks. The service starts 30 days after signing the service agreement.

  • You may engage us for services with a fixed duration – long-term or short-term – or to perform a certain work with a definite output.


  • Depending on the nature of the service, the major components of the cost are the salary of our assigned service team, supplies and equipment, training and an administration or management fee.

  • The administration or management fee covers the expenses to recruit and manage our employees, procure and deliver the necessary materials, and all the other costs to provide you the highest quality of managed services in the Philippines.

  • We send you the billing for the rendered service on pre-agreed days twice a month.

Other Issues and Concerns

  • Yes. LSERV Corporation is registered with the Department of Labor and Employment under Department Order No. 174.

  • Yes. The Project Management Team assigned to you receives all issues and concerns of the client and are responsible to provide quick and appropriate assessment and response.

  • The Account Management Department assigned to you closely monitors the delivery of services to meet our agreed service level or key performance indicators. Our team ensures that the services rendered are compliant with the company policies and standard procedures.

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