Revised Rules on Proxy Submission

Dear Stockholder:

Please be informed that, in consideration of the suspension and/or unavailability of mail and courier services in areas where some of our LSERV stockholders reside, the Board of Directors of LSERV Corporation has resolved to allow the validation of proxies using only scanned copies of the same, provided that the stockholder submits a scanned copy of his/her signed letter request addressed to the Corporate Secretary or Assistant Corporate Secretary, stating that:

  1. The stockholder resides in an area where mail and courier services are suspended and/or unavailable;
  2. Due to the suspension and/or unavailability of the mail and courier services in his/her residence, the stockholder is unable to send the original copy of the proxy to the Corporate Secretary and/or Assistant Corporate Secretary on or before 5 August 2020;
  3. The stockholder requests that the validation of his/her proxy be done using only the scanned copy of the original proxy; and
  4. The stockholder undertakes to submit the original copy of the proxy immediately upon the resumption of mail and/or courier services in his/her area of residence.

The letter request must be sent via e-mail to on or before 5 August 2020.

For any clarification on the validation of proxies and or proxy submission, please call Atty. Annie Frida K. Chua at (02) 8843-2077 local 238 or send an e-mail to

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