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Equipment Technician (Aircon/Cleaning Equipment)

Technical Services
   Makati , Manila , Pasay


Job Description

Daily Operation

  1. Performs preventive maintenance service (PMS) of Diversey Equipment and Dispensers ( Laundry, WWM, Taski, Dispensers) as per required frequency with the PM Standard
  2. Conducts calibration of dispensers and verifies that chemical dispense is based on Diversey Standard
  3. Conducts titration and measures pH after Installation and during PMS in Laundry machine/tools/equipment.
  4. Discuss to the customer the activities done during the PMS and the required action on the customer side and Diversey side
  5. Conduct Billing of Laundry & WWM Customers as per required frequency
  6. Performs inventory of chemicals and communicate with the assigned coordinator on the quantity needed for replenishment
  7. Performs other tasks and / or projects that may be assigned by the Service Provider as per direction of Diversey

Report Management

  1. Submits weekly all accomplished Service Reports to his Coordinator / Service Provider Office.
  2. Provides the list of spares needed by all customers that PM was done for the week to the Coordinator for creation of FOC

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